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Residential and Resort lot development projects in beginning to final stages in Tennessee and Kentucky.  Investment opportunities in groups of five (5) to (10) resort lots with excellent turnover and profit making potential.   COMMERCIAL lots on access roads near resort propertries for development potential.  UNDEVELOPED LAND for similar residential/resort lot development.  Comparable resale price points adjacent to development projects. 

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                        by Marjorie Allen- Senior Editor

                     The Real Estate Developer

                      U.S. Real Estate Investors Association 

                                         March 15, 2006


Larry R. Crim of Nashville has been named Chief Executive Officer of Southeast Realty Group, Inc., a real estate development company based in Nashville, Tennessee with site selections in venues where Mr. Crim has business relationships from his 25 years of experience with property owners in the Southeast.

LARRY CRIM holds a Master of Public Administration degree from University of Tennessee and an M.A. in Management & Organizational Psychology from Middle Tennessee State University.

An experienced manager of numerous entrepreneurial businesses with an emphasis on Marketing Management, Mr. Crim is founder and President of LCN Wholesale Apparel Company serving the Southeast USA Retail Industry for 25 years. Larry Crim has been President of the U.S. Apparel Immediate Resource Association. 




Through this entrepreneurial enterprise, Larry Crim of Nashville Wholesale Apparel (LCN Whol), Mr. Crim has done business with thousands of retailers across the Southeast U.S.A., entrepreneurs themselves, and almost all of them - property and land owners.  It just never dawned on him until a few years ago that he would be involved in property and land development in the same southeastern states with or through many of these same entrepreneurial business relationships. 

Mr. Crim explained how he got into a company called "Southeast Realty Group, Inc." -real estate development - from operating his own wholesale business for 25 years throughout the southeast U.S.A.   

"My clients have always been in venues outside my home base in Nashville", said Crim, "but Nashville is within a day's drive of 85%  of the country...LCN Wholesale Apparel Co. was formed 25 years ago and we've had a business relationship with thousands of retailers and in hundreds of venues across the southeast before I got into the real estate development business. So, the real estate development projects which I've gotten into over the last several years", Crim continued "have likewise followed the same path of my wholesale apparel business. Real Estate Development and Marketing is all about relationship building."

Mr. Crim's business experience throughout the Southeast U.S.A. is obviously an asset to a company called "Southeast Realty".   "At Southeast Realty Group, Inc. we began the company based on 25 years of existing business relationships in many vanues across the Southeast U.S.A.", said Crim.  "We may be a new company relatively speaking, but we're old in our relationships" Crim added.   "Our existing business relationships help us identify properties, owners, builders, and end-users in several states." 

There's clearly no need for this new company to 'recreate the wheel' in site selection tours and media blitzes to announce a big presence on the local scene.  It obviously operates successfully identifying properties and opportunities without even having to conduct any advertising, so to speak, although 25 years of business is a direct form of advertising apparently not lost on the company's CEO.

"From what I know about developers" said Crim, "it is not unusual that they come to the business from a variety of professions and backgrounds.  It just happens that my business has brought me directly to thousands of entrepreneurs and hundreds of venues across the Southeast.  So, that's where we get the land deals and how we identify sites."

Mr. Crim is an Entrepreneur alright.  The dictionary defines      "en-tre-pre-neur" as a "noun - a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so".  Origin:  early 19th century from the French: "entreprendre 'undertake' (see ENTERPRISE).The thesaurus shows synonyms of "entrepreneur" as "enterpriser,   idea man/person, promoter."   

One conversation with Southeast Realty Group's CEO Larry Crim and you will discover that all these traits apply to SRG's leader.  As a business organizer and operator, he has not only formed LCN Wholesale Apparel, but formed and was Executive Director of a Counseling Center, served as a Psychological Counselor, was a top performing Executive Recruiter working with companies in the Southeast, and is the founder of Larry Crim, MPA, MA & Associates Marketing Consulting and Management Consulting Company, and other small businesses.   




 It is unique, though, that Mr. Crim, who displays an outgoing exuberance with a great deal of promoter and p.r. about him, also has a much more private, contemplative, even research oriented or scientific/academic side.  Mr. Crim has published articles on Organizational Psychology dealing with job satisfaction, human motivation, and Executive/Employee perceptions in the workplace.  So, he's an organizational psychology man with a M.A. in Psychology.   Crim has studied management in the public arena with an M.P.A. "Master of Public Administration" degree.  Comes in handy, one might imagine, when you're drafting administrative policies and procedures involved with "private zoning ordinances" or interfacing with public officals about public zoning.  Mr. Crim apparently performs a lot of his own research, procedures drafting covering the projects, covenant writing, marketing analysis in private moments away from the public.  So, he's a "researcher".

And yet, after preparing his research, Larry Crim, the promoter and entrepreneur,  is engaged and engaging again in human interaction and relationship building.  

This writer is tempted to say that I've discovered a 'renaissance man' in the south' - I thought they all lived in France or other 'exotic' places.  In a world of specialists and a field of technocrats, Mr. Crim stands out as a no boundaries, generalist, who researches  a subject unitl he has specialized knowlegde and then engages the recruiter, promoter, delegater side to put together the persons or team required to carry out the project - whatever the project goal is.

Southeast's Crim is quick to add that, as far as Southeast Realty Group is concerned, no matter how early or late in the development process, a project is capable of being marketed to someone.  "I believe someone wants the land or I would not have acquired an option to purchase it or be in process of developing it", said Crim.  "I perform enough due diligence up front to know that."  




 With a CEO like Mr. Crim, who has advanced credentials in the field of organizational psychology, Southeast Realty Group has a unique approach to moving projects along by recruiting and motivating professionals on each project.

"Recruiting and motivating the professionals required at each step for each unique development project is an orgnizational and entrepreneurial team building project requiring a lot of human resource interaction which we enjoy", said Crim.

Mr. Crim elaborated on his approach to real estate development at a recent Real Estate Investors Association Networking seminar:




"It is important to realize, motivate, and appreciate", says Crim. "the unique talents and contributions of each individual involved in the real estate development process. We like to achieve win-win scenarios, which arise from opportunities for people to participate in the work and benefits of the projects."

Crim continued:  "The word 'Exclusion' is not a good term when you want to "move" a project along or "move" a property at any stage of development, because you can't do it without people. You begin to exclude people and you'll start to see progress stop. Movement is our purpose. We want to move on properties and move projects along so that people move ahead together. This is done by proper planning and marketing followed by delegating and motivating professionals in win/win situations." said Crim.

According to Mr. Crim, despite what you may have heard in the movies - Greed is NOT good.  "Win/Win is good", said Crim. 

 "There is no reason" said Crim,  "why the land owner, developer, builder, engineer, contractors, buyers, community, region can't all win over a project.  Everybody can make money and benefit.  The only way that this does not occur or may be interfered with is IF somebody decides they have to make ALL the money or "exclusion" by any other method takes over.  As soon as anybody in the process or chain of events 'starts seeing dollar signs' or 'trying to take off with the whole pie', think they're conducting the 'whole project', think their role is most important, or any number of other sayings which describe people acting greedily and with exclusivity, the team concept is gone.  In fact, the team is gone.  There is no "I" in the word "team" said Crim. 




Southeast Realty Group's Larry Crim also said:  "Every project requires cooperation between people working toward a common goal.  It is a big part of my job to see that the goal is well defined, that we recruit and keep people involved who share that goal, that they remain motivated in a desire to achieve the objective, and to monitor progress.  Where a project stalls, it is usually by lack of motivation.  So, we are keen on the human component in real estate development.  There is also a great focus on marketing.  At every stage we are marketing the projects, the people, and the potential of the properties - within the group to keep motivation high - and outside the company toward the public to create interest."

Real Estate Development projects invariably involve a wide array of private and public organizations, individuals, investors, and professionals as well as talents.  Southeast Realty Group is blessed to have a CEO who apparently appreciates and revels in the human resource identification, recruiting, and motivating part of developing.




"The focus of Southeast Realty Group, Inc.", said Crim, " is to identify properties not currently listed for sale with land development and investment potential and which have the reasonable potential for agreeable terms of option or purchase".   

Site Selection is an important decision making process for SRG according to Mr. Crim, who noted: "The site can be good but the terms or conditions including the price negotiations may be lacking. Or, the property owners' terms or offer may be good, but the property is lacking.   Site Selection is a fluid situation, which requires a great deal of labor and due diligence with negotiations just to ascertain whether or not a land deal is going to be potentially profitable or not." 

Site Selection decisions for Crim and Group involve a process of marketing and marketability analysis, property inspection, R.O.I. evaluations, owner negotiations, "end-user identification" and investor marketing.




For Southeast Realty Group, a property only gets under option or a purchase agreement reached after preliminary Marketing and Development Planning.  "Once done" Crim added, "a Development and Marketing Plan for the Site are then formally designed, including covenant drafting or private zoning to enhance the market value of the property and protect investors and inhabitants.  The focus is research oriented at first and then very people oriented" said Crim.   "Land Planning, Covenants Drafting, Zoning, Installation of infrastructure and Marketing are integral elements" Crim added, all of which enhance value. 

Larry Crim, as Chief Executive Officer, is involved with the functions of property identification and site selction, seller relations, pre-development phase marketing planning, covenants and procedures drafting and administration, and public administration coordination and planning. 

Mr. Crim also recruits and interfaces with professional engineers, architects, builders, contractors and others in planning and implementing land development, building development, or both. Real estate investor and major tenant/user identifcation are also a part of the overall marketing process. 

Mr. Crim brings the qualities of individual professionalism and recruiting a professional team to real estate development projects.

Southeast Realty Group, Inc. and Larry Crim, CEO are currently involved in phases of residential, commercial, and resort land development and marketing projects in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Alabama.

This article on Larry R. Crim, MPA, MA, CEO of SRG, Inc. Published by:  THE REAL ESTATE DEVELOPER (C) 2006

Magazine of U.S. Real Estate Investors Association.  (c) 2006.





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